Yield farming with YFI

Info about YFI V2 :https://defirate.com/yearn-v2-yfi/

Delegated vaults : https://medium.com/iearn/delegated-vaults-explained-fa81f1c3fce2

Smart contract Audit for V1: https://quantstamp.com/blog/yearn-finance-security-review

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I think liquidity mining incentives are already over for the original YFI.

What is your definition of yield farming? Yes, the YFI governance tokens issuance has stopped. Now, yvault yield farms on your behalf. So, with V2, all you have to do is stake ycrv funds, like stablecoins for now and they will farm various other systems like YFII for example, or others that have good yield. You can contribute your own strategy, if you want, and earn additional fees.
So, think of it like “meta yield farming on steroids” By next week, it will also support Link, and SNX. Very interesting way to earn yields.

Good question. I’d define yield farming as providing liquidity in return for rewards in a different(other you had supplied) token.

Classic examples are COMP distribution and SNX liquidity mining incentives.

“yVaults are automated farming strategies. They will always seek the best performing farming pools. Simply deposit a bag into a vault, and withdraw a bigger bag later on. Farming pros might do better on their own, but small-time farmers will save a ton on gas crop rotation.”