Yield Farming with $YAM

https://yam.finance/ launched today and it’s taken DeFi by storm! Currently it has $470m TVL and 1 $YAM is worth $126.05!

Source : https://yam.zippo.io/

So how do you farm some of these delicious $YAMs?

  1. Go to yam.finance and look at all the seeds you can plant for your harvest!

  1. Too many choices and not sure which? You can start by going to https://yieldfarming.info/yam/yfi/ and selecting the other crops on the top right to compare APYs! For your reference, at time of writing:

  2. $COMP : 5488.9279%

  3. $AMPL+$ETH LP Token : 4198.6842%

  4. $SNX : 3669.1923%

  5. $MKR : 3174.5668%

  6. $LEND : 2940.1838%

  7. $YFI : 1738.3223%

  8. $LINK : 1535.9558%

  9. $WETH : 856.1333%

  10. Note : The APYs from this come from the amount of $YAM left to be harvested and the amount of liquidity in the pool. https://yam.zippo.io/ gives a good overview of this.

  1. Pick your fighter! If you’re a defi-native, you should already have heavy bags of at least 1 of these coins, but if you don’t check out CoinGecko’s DeFi page to find out where you can buy these coins: https://www.coingecko.com/en/defi
  2. Note : the Ampleforth farm needs you to provide liquidity to the AMPL-ETH pair, I’ve written a previous guide here: Yield Farming with Ampleforth. You can follow up to Step 3
  3. Once you’ve chosen your fighter, in this case I chose $COMP:

  1. Click on the + button and you will see this popup :

  1. Decide the amount of $COMP you wish to stake and click confirm. You’ll need to approve spending of your $COMP beforehand too.
  2. Once this is done you will be able to watch your crops grow in real time!
  3. After a bountiful harvest, you can click on “Harvest” to just get your $YAM or “Harvest and Exit” to get your $YAM and the token that you have staked.
  4. A helpful website to track how much $YAM you have farmed without needing to click in one by one is : https://yam.tools/. They will tell you how much $YAM you have and the value right at the top:

  1. Happy farming! If you wish to sell your crops, you can sell it on Uniswap here : https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0e2298e3b3390e3b945a5456fbf59ecc3f55da16 but bear in mind by selling your YAM you won’t be allowed to enter the citadel :angry::angry::angry:

YAM is officially over: