Yield Farming with Sushi

SushiSwap just launched last night and has skyrocketed to 300m TVL! You can check out the stats here: https://sushi.zippo.io/

To farm $SUSHI, you’ll need to stake your Uniswap LP tokens:
Here’s the farms that you can stake with:

To provide liquidity on Uniswap, you need to go to https://app.uniswap.org/#/pool and choose the pair you wish to provide for. Note that this has to be a 50:50 ratio!

I wrote a guide on how to provide for $AMPL here: Yield Farming with Ampleforth You can follow up to step 3.

With your Uniswap LP tokens go to https://sushiswap.org/farms, unlock your wallet and select your farm, in my case : https://sushiswap.org/farms/AMPL-ETH%20UNI-V2%20LP

This is the page you’ll see

Click on the + button:

Max and choose confirm!

Once the transactions are confirmed, you’ll start earning SUSHI, which you can harvest whenever you like!

Enjoy the omakase :smiley:

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