Yield Farming with Pylon Finance

Pylon Finance is a farm where you stake your assets to get $PYLON (https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/pylon-finance). The good thing about Pylon is that it doesn’t require you to stake LP tokens like Sushiswap.

Here’s the list of assets available and current APYs:

WETH - 235%

COMP - 865%

LEND - 676%

SNX - 634%

wBTC - 276%

LINK - 228%

  1. To stake you just go to https://pylon.finance/#/farms and choose the farm you wish.

  1. If you choose WETH for example, you’ll get this:

  1. The interface is similar to YAM, so you just need to Approve the asset and click on “+” and then you can harvest rewards after a while.
  2. Here’s a sample after a while:

  1. I can either click on Harvest to get just the $PYLON or “Harvest and withdraw” to get my $PYLON and $LEND back.
  2. You can sell $PYLON on Uniswap at https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap/0xd7b7d3c0bda57723fb54ab95fd8f9ea033af37f2
  3. Happy farming!
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