Yield Farming with KittySwaps.org(NFT)

1.What is bonus period & bonus multiplier?

  • Bonus Period: From block height 11,200,000 to 12,000,000.
  • How many days is Bonus Period: 129 days.
  • Bonus Multiplier: 3.0 (In bonus period, you can get 3 times more KITTYs.)

2.How many KITTYs are spawned per HOUR?

  • In bonus period, there are 3 KITTYs spawned per hour(72 KITTYs per day).
  • KITTY/ETH UNI-LP pool spawns 10 times KITTYs(15 KITTYs) every day.
  • After bonus period, there is only 1 KITTY spawned per hour(24 KITTYs per day).

3.What is the totalsupply of KITTYs?

  • At 1st year, there are only 14,952 KITTIES spawned.
  • Calculations: 24 x 3 x 129 + 24 x 1 x (365 - 129) = 14952 KITTYs
  • Dev allocation: only 10%

4.What is KittyCat NFTs?

  • KittyCats are extremely rare NFTs.
  • NFTs(non-fungible tokens) represents colletables with limited edition.

5.How can I get KittyCat NFTs?

  • For each KITTY token you have, you can collect a limited edition of KittyCat NFT.
  • KittyCat NFTs can be traded in markets like opensea.