Yield Farming with CurveDAO

**First and foremost, I only recommend doing this if you :

  1. Have huge capital
  2. Don’t mind paying extremely high gas (at least 1 eth in gas)**

Which pool to farm in?

TLDR: Farm in the pools that have a lesser % staked. Here’s a list of the contracts for you to check through:


















  1. First, you need to choose a pool to deposit into Curve. Go to https://www.curve.fi/ and scroll to the bottom and choose which pool you wish to deposit into:

  1. For example if you choose the sUSD pool, after clicking into the page, click on “Deposit” at the top

  1. Select the amount that you wish to deposit and click on “Deposit”. Note : NOT DEPOSIT AND STAKE. There will be two transactions to confirm, one is to approve spending and the other to add liquidity.
  2. After adding liquidity and getting your curve liquidity provider tokens, go to https://dao.curve.fi/minter/gauges
  3. Scroll to the bottom and you will see an option to deposit your Curve LP Tokens
  4. Click on deposit and confirm the two transactions, 1. Approve Spending 2. Deposit tokens.
  5. You will then start earning Curve which you can claim after a while. NOTE : CLAIMING COSTS $60 IN GAS. So i do recommend only claiming after you farm a while.
  6. Happy farming! I only recommend doing this if your capital is large and you don’t mind paying a lot in gas. DO NOT KEEP SWITCHING POOLS. SLIPPAGE WILL RUIN YOU. PICK A POOL AND STICK WITH IT.

Thanks for the helpful perspective. How large of capital are we talking about in order to make it worthwhile?

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I’d not touch most of the liquidity mining opportunities without $50k at least.

You need to take into account the cost of gas to in and out, APY(keep in mind that it is unstable value), and time you are willing to keep funds in a pool.

I did a simple calc to illustrate how to calculate opportunities, feel free to copy(File -> Make a Copy) and play with the numbers :point_down:

Update! CurveDAO mining APYs are up on the site, do check it out before you make a decision on which pool to farm :slight_smile:

hey, this is a very useful walkthrough.
i am extremely new to farming, i don’t know what’s gauge, stake …etc. google a bit but don’t find a comprehensive explanation. anyone can share some pointers?

If I transfer my shares in a pool to DAO / Minter to farm CRV, will I still benefit from the pool fees or will the pool fees go to Curve DAO?

Try Curve blog, https://guides.curve.fi/ but in general it’s not really newbie friendly