Yield Farming with Curve: sUSD Pool

Curve sUSD pool

Every week 32,000 SNX is given out to the liquidity providers for the Curve sUSD pool. There’s currently around ~56,000,000 in deposits and has an APY of 9.09% + 11.48% SNX currently.

The 9.09% APY comes from the trading volumes and the amount of liquidity provided to the pool. The more trading volume there is, the higher the APY and the lesser liquidity provided there is the higher APY. Curve charges a transaction fee for every swap that is made using their liquidity pools. Note that the current APYs are not fixed and will vary depend on liquidity provided and transaction volume.

How do I provide liquidity?

  1. Go to https://www.curve.fi/susdv2/deposit and input your desired deposit amount, you can deposit using one stablecoin or multiple. You can choose between DAI, USDC, USDT and sUSD

Note : when depositing a single stablecoin into Curve, it will then be split among all 4 of the other assets. You will get a small bonus if you deposit the stablecoin that has the current smallest share in the pool. (This is why my Bonus shows 1.558%)

  1. After choosing your input amount, click on “Deposit and Stake”, there will be 4 transactions that you have to confirm which is:

a. Approve Curve contract
b. Deposit into Curve
c. Approve Staking contract
d. Staking

  1. After confirming, go to https://www.curve.fi/susdv2/profit and check if your available shows 0, if it does then that means you have successfully staked it.

  1. To claim your rewards go to https://www.curve.fi/susdv2/withdraw and you will see something like this :

  • Click on “Claim” to get your rewards and still be staking in the pool
  • If you wish to exit the pool entirely, click on “Withdraw and claim”

Rewards are earned every block, so you can withdraw and exit as you wish. After you deposit, you can just wait for your rewards to accumulate, like an idle savings account!

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