Yield Farming with BASED

If you saw this tweet https://twitter.com/CryptoHayes/status/1293714980051628034, you’re probably wondering what $BASED is and how do I get it, well here’s a guide!

  1. Go to https://based.money/ and read through it and click on “Get Based” at the bottom
  2. After which you’ll see this pop up, currently only Pool 0 is lived and needs Curve sUSD. Note : Pool 1 is not live yet, there was an attempt to freeze it so the team will need to redeploy it in a few more days

  1. To get Curve sUSD go to https://www.curve.fi/susdv2/deposit and deposit your stablecoins. Note : 1 sUSD =/= $1 and pay attention to gas fees! Click on “Deposit” not “Deposit and Stake”

  1. Once you deposit, check your address if you have received your Curve sUSD tokens. Here’s a sample transaction, and the contract address for the token for you to verify :wink: https://etherscan.io/token/0xc25a3a3b969415c80451098fa907ec722572917f

  1. With your Curve sUSD tokens, go to https://stake.based.money/stake and you will see this:

  1. Cick on “Stake Tokens” and confirm the transactions! You can then claim rewards from time to time or claim and unstake if you wish to exit the pool

  2. Check out your APY here: https://yieldfarming.info/based/scrv/. At time of writing: APY stats are currently:

  3. Hourly ROI in USD : 0.1098%

  4. Daily ROI in USD : 2.6365%

  5. Weekly ROI in USD : 18.4557%

  6. APY (unstable) : 959.6990%

  7. Happy Farming!

Hmm…I still don’t know what based is. Does it serve a purpose other than some form of gambling?

Most of “financial experiments” are purely speculative, so yeah it’s a form of gambling. Someone may argue tho that traditional stock markets also form of gambling, especially with recent movements.