YAM Finance's latest product launch offers APRs of 350%+ ($YAM & $UMA token)


TL;DR: YAM is kicking off its synthetics platform degenerative.finance with incredibly exciting products like uGAS & uSTONKS that run for 2–4 month periods so you can “set and forget” whilst earning very lucrative rewards on your ETH or stablecoins (350%-1,000%+ APR depending on synth).

Already attracted $5.2mln in TVL within 5 days!!!

I am YAM contributor but all views are my own, based on public information, DYOR, no financial advice.

Yes, you heard it right: YAMs are growing again out of yield farms! This time in a much more delicious fashion than previously. Gone is the rebase, and off we go with a governance token that’s backing a bunch of cutting-edge DeFi products, including the flagship degenerative.finance-synthetics

Synthetic tokens are the name of the game and this article tells you all about APRs of 350%-1,000%+ APRs, with uncapped upside potential.

100% alpha-leak guarantee…

What to do?

  1. Do you want to deploy stablecoins or ETH? uSTONKS works with USDC, uGAS with ETH

  2. Go to degenerative.finance and select the uSTONKS-Apr 21 or uGASJUN21

  3. Decide how many Synths you want to mint. Your synths are minted at the Global Collateral Ratio (GCR) providing a failsafe mechanism: You mint at a ratio that puts your position in a safe spot

  4. Once minted, you need to LP your synth into the relevant Uniswap pool. This is important to earn the rewards. Keep this in mind when you decide on the number of synths you want to mint.

  5. Done. Sit back and relax for the next weeks and just collect $YAM & $UMA tokens + any tx fees. You might also be eligible for a special limited-edition WSB NFT (Mint $10K USDC worth of uSTONKS, then LP uSTONKS/USDC for 3 weeks qualify).

You can find a detailed user guides & FAQs in our docs. We also have dedicated articles explaining how our products mitigate IL (key word: mean reverting products that go up AND down)

Important Fact regarding Rewards:
The rewards will double from current levels for Week 2 & 3. Meaning: When u look at the APR now on degenerative.finance, it’s only half of what you are going to receive from Tuesday!!! The below table shows you what’s in it for you (considering various prices). Keep in mind that YAM and UMA are listed on Binance (UMA), Coinbase (UMA), Huobi (YAM) with tons of upside.

What’s so great about $YAM that I want to hodl ?
YAM DAO is as vibrant as never before with 17 contributors (and growing) + $7m in the treasury. We are building 3 different products at the cutting-edge of DeFi, all of which have a path to revenues. DAO House (Treasury Mgmt as a Service), degenerative.finance (Synthetic tokens built on UMA such as uGAS, uSTONKS, uVOL-BTC & -ETH) and Umbrella (permissionless insurance protocol).

Most important catalysts are a) Leveraging synergies for our product development , b) Path to revenues, c) Building out more token features (eg YAM as collateral). The rebase had been cancelled back in late 2020.

We are also doing a ton of things on the marketing/communications side to get the word out and make everyone understand where YAM is going. <$40m market cap is not a level that represents what we are building.

Helpful Resource to Make Life Easy:
The YAM team is at your disposal to answer questions and provide additional info in the YAM Discord. degenFi is all new and exciting and there’s lots of new things happening. You can refer to these (advanced) resources for additional info…