Worlds First Hybrid Liquidity Aggregator. DeFi + CeFi



Finxflo is the world’s first global [DeFi] protocol and cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. Traders receive the best rates and access to DeFi services with the added protection and asset security of a fully licensed financial institution.⠀

The Finxflo platform grants traders access to over 25 of the best crypto exchanges and DeFi protocols worldwide guaranteeing the best buy or sell prices every time.

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Defi Protocol Aggregator

Finxflo enables users to access ‘protocol aggregation engine’ that consolidates best rates & prices from participating protocols.


Seamless Trading

Finxflo facilitates access to global cryptocurrency markets from a single user-friendly interface without operational hassles.

Zero Withdrawal Fees

Finxflo offers zero withdrawal fees without limiting any of its customers to enhance the overall cryptocurrency trading experience.

Licensed and Regulated

The Finxflo platform is fully compliant with its procedures and is regulated by the Monetary Authority Singapore (MAS)

Insured Custodial Storage

A world-leading security protocol and insured custodial storage with individual client segregation of funds.Funds are insured up to $150,000,000 USD

Trade Anywhere

Users can access Finxflo from any device.
Either from desktop or on the go, trade in the ultimate user-friendly interface. Fully compatible with Mac and Windows, our platform also has iOS and Android apps.
Trade any time, anywhere, with only one registration, one KYC, and one wallet.


Live Presentation narrated by CEO James Gillingham

Hey video looks good, I see you are promising many great features, who do you see being you main competitors?

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Hey Eldermark, honestly I am not aware of anyone who is offering exactly the same products and services that we do.Some that do offer some similar services are only available to accredited investors or institutions. I would say in the CeFi area Bluebelt and SFox are the 2 companies that offer similar exchange aggregation engines. In the DeFi sector I would say that a platform like 1Inch is a platform that is similar to our DeFi protocol aggregation engine.

Our aim is to have a platform that provides such great features that it will not make sense to trade anywhere else.

We have been made aware of fake FXF tokens listed on Uniswap. Finxflo (FXF) tokens have not been distributed yet; our ICO is still in progress.

Please do not purchase any fake FXF tokens! Our official FXF ETH smart contract address is: 0x3e3d3ae84e197fd7ee5a672aef43bd7441fb613c

The only way to buy our FXF token is via our website:

or contact us at: Email:
Phone: +65 3157 4301