Unagii Vaults Launch with Highest Stablecoin Yields + Lowest Fees

Unagii, the automated DeFi yield platform with staking services, has launched a new product - Unagii Vaults, to allow crypto investors to maximize their assets and yields in DeFi easily. It is now live and open for deposits in beta at app.unagii.com.

DeFi yields on autopilot

Vaults is a DeFi robo-advisor built on the Ethereum ecosystem that harvests and optimizes existing liquidity pools autonomously. The product offers two risk options for its users - Stash vaults with strategies currently powered by Curve Finance and Growth vaults (currently still in development) with strategies powered by higher-risk alpha projects.

To benefit from automated (convenient) yield farming:

Users will only need to connect their Ethereum wallet - like Metamask or Ledger and deposit their crypto assets into the vault they are comfortable yielding with.

DeFi farmers will save time monitoring strategies and save gas from harvesting across multiple platforms and farming with numerous transactions. New to DeFi users will enjoy the simplicity to earn above-market returns.

Easy 3 step process: 1. Select asset 2. Enter amount 3. Choose gas option

Key Components of the Vaults

  1. ‍Prioritizing safety, gas costs, and yields‍

  2. Cheaper deposits and withdrawals with reserves‍

  3. High-performing time-locked strategies‍ in the bank

No deposit or withdrawal fee. No management fee. Lowest 10% performance fee (deducted from earnings).

How Vaults work

For example, when Bob deposits 10,000 USDC into a USDC-Stash-Vault, he is only required to approve the transaction and pay for gas on deposit. Unagii then invests Bob’s deposit into the current strategy pool, i.e., the Curve GUSD pool. Unagii will also automate the sale of Curve governance tokens into the stablecoin with the highest premium. With the power of consistent compounding, our Vaults will help Bob optimize the market’s best yields.

Unagii is fully audited and in a beta release. All interactions with associated products and smart contracts on Unagii are at your own risk