Trade SpaceX, Revolut, Opensea or before they have secondary markets

prePO is a decentralized trading platform allowing anyone to speculate on the value of any pre‑IPO company or pre‑token project. Yes that means SpaceX or Zapper.Fi can be traded prior to their IPO or token launch.

This is pretty big news considering that up until now, private markets have been predominantly restricted to sophisticated/institutional investors including PEs, VCs, and HNWIs. This means that the monsterous returns offered up in these markets has not been shared equally with retail investors effectively shut out.

Anyway, the markets listed on prePO will be decided on by the users which is pretty cool.

In addition to regular profit/loss from a trading position, traders can also earn PPO token rewards and collateral farming rewards.

The prePO Protocol is a system of Ethereum-compatible smart contracts and is launching initially on Polygon Network for its ‘zero-gas’ transactions and strong DeFi & NFT ecosystem.

If you’re interestd in knowing/hearing/reading more shoot me a note - cheers!