Tool to monitor liquidity pool change and track DeFi token prices

What tools do you use to track liquidity pool change and DeFi token prices?
Something we have not seen previously on the market is this telegram bot tool

Basically, with the help of this bot you can receive instant notifications on liquidity pool change of any DeFi (only Ethereum based though).
Additionally, you can monitor the price of DeFi tokens. Quite helpful because you can stay alert 24/7 and make accurate and weighted investment decisions based on it. If you the value of a liquidity pool drastically fall or increase- time to think about it and act accordingly, so your investment don`t fall in price.
Just as an example, we have attached a screenshot of these notifications.Пулы 2

As a nice addition, you can track any Ethereum based wallet, whether it belongs to a whale or simply your own one!

Tell us what you think? What do you use to monitor liquidity pools and prices?

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EtherDROPS has added another amazing feature! You can now monitor price change of ANY cryptocurrency, whether its Bitcoin, Altcoins or ERC-20! Previously you could only monitor price of ERC-20 tokens.

In order to use this feature, you need to select “Add coin” option, then type in the name or symbol of cryptocurrency you are interested to follow, for example Bitcoin or BTC, and set the percentage change range you wish to have, for example 5%. If the price of Bitcoin will fall or rise by 5%, you will receive an instant notification, so then you can take according actions! :smiley: :fire: :fire:

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We have received a lot of questions - is it really possible to add and monitor prices of all cryptocurrencies, even Bitcoin?

Yes, absolutely any cryptocurrency can be added to monitoring.

When going to the Telegram Bot select the “Add coin” option. Next, write the name or ticker of the cryptocurrency, for example Bitcoin or BTC. In the next step you will given all the matching options for this cryptocurrency. Select the one you are after. When this is done, the bot will offer to choose a source for price monitoring - DEX (decentralised) or CEX(centralised). DEX is the preferable option. In the next step, add an adjustable range of price fluctuations. It can be absolutely any number. For example, if you enter 2, it means that as when the price falls or rises by 2%, you will immediately receive a notification on your Telegram account.

You can track any number of cryptocurrencies, liquidity pools, and wallets on the Ethereum network. :fire:

I’d love something like this for Polygon.