The CETO Blockchain Family - Short-Term Savings Dividend MACHINE

CETO (Crystal Elephant Token)

Topline: A short-term crypto savings account with penalties for early withdrawal within 30 days. Every transaction is taxed 10% and distributed as dividends to all tokenholders.


  • Based off the similar P3D hourglass contract style that’s been previously audited and peer-reviewed and still running exploit-free
  • Just expanded to the Ethereum blockchain (ECETO) and Binance Smart Chain (BCETO) 4.5.21. People who love high fees (ETH) or low fees (BSC) can now get a crack at CETO
  • Auto-reinvest feature makes it easy to compound your dividends on your capital without using TRX/ETH/BNB in your wallet (they take the transaction fee from divs)
  • 30-day early withdrawal penalties up to 75% of your principal has led to < 20 sales in eight weeks over 1900 transactions in CETO
  • Wildly undervalued at $2 average across all three CETO, considering we have yet to release a product
  • We’re releasing product! Newly published roadmap suggests 7 product releases by May/June including dice game, Blackjack, lottery, and a derivative that lets you leverage your CETO outside the contract to swap for other tokens
  • Combined $250K+ total value trusted across the Family
  • Low transaction fees in CETO, BCETO at < $2, compared to ETH/ECETO
  • Technical transparency from the team: when a technical difficulty put funds at risk, we moved everyone to a new contract, documented our work in a bug report, and added 12 CETO to users’ balances on top

If you like being early to stuff that’s both profitable AND stable, the CETO Blockchain Family is for you. I remember how sweet it was when P3D was pumping in the midst of Crypto Winter 2018. Its biggest flaw - pump-and-dumps - is fixed by the early withdrawal penalty. In our Discord, we’re launching a lottery game called Big Tent soon so we can get away from new user-generated revenue.

Most of our Day 1 retail investors are up 300% since Feb. 3rd on CETO, having also now bought into ECETO & BCETO’s debut yesterday. While there is certainly money to be made chasing moonshots that burn bright and fast, there’s also something to be said for the profitability of patience.

Explainer vid: