Synchronized Protocol has launched

We’re excited to share details on the Synchronized Protocol

What is WTISDR?

To address the need for a stable connector between traditional financial markets and DeFi, we introduce an uncorrelated, decentralized, liquid, scalable, supply-elastic and non-dilutive rebase token.

Welcome to Synchronized Protocol

The Synchronized Protocol - Sprotocol - features two synchronized rebase input variables.

  1. Its token WTISDR is pegged to the Special Drawing Rights (SDR). The SDR is an international reserve asset, composed of the U.S. Dollar, Euro, Great British Pound, Chinese Yuan, and Japanese Yen introduced by the IMF, the International Monetary Fund.
  2. Additionally, Synchronized Protocol introduces the first crypto hedge utilizing the Crude Oil WTI futures via Chainlink Oracles.

The Synchronized Protocol is built on the Binance Smart Chain, BSC.

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