SwapHub - A end-to-end DeFi ecosystem

SwapHub (https://swaphub.finance/) is building end to end solution from staking LP, token swap, DAO through HUB token burning App. Not like most of DeFi system, they don’t have a mechanism to burn the tokens. Hubflix is a Tiktok likes app, people can upload & share video. Users can use HUB token to pay for contents and buy VPN service. Hubflix download URL https://testflight.apple.com/join/tbWHeh88

So what are the major benefits compared with similar staking/swapping protocols?

Why do you think Hubflix will succeed when Pepo failed?

We have real business behinds of the platform. As mentioned in the post, Hubflix is one of products in swaphub ecosystem. People can use Hub in this app to pay for paid-videos, buy VPN service.
No sure about what Pepo stands for. Let me try to explain why Hubflix will succeed. Hubflix was built against IPFS technology. The videos uploaded by users will be stored on different locations with lower cost. And users could be anonymous and untraceable. This features bring freedom to user to upload contents what they want. In addition, people in China can visit websites likes google, youtube, facebook etc. through the App. This is big selling point in China market. Considering there are 900M internet users in China, we have confident with the Hubflix success.