Steroids Yield Farming with $PNT

pNetwork recently kicked off the Steroids Yield Farming Program to award users who provide liquidity to the PNT / USDT Uniswap V2 liquidity pool.

When you join the pNetwork DAO by way of Steroids, you can earn three rewards at the same time:

  • Earn Uniswap pool fees
  • Up to 10% rewards from Steroids
  • 42% APR from the pNetwork DAO (when actively voting)

Here’s how:

1.) Add $PNT and $USDT liquidity to the PNT/USDT Uniswap pool

2.) Put the uni-v2 tokens (obtained on step 1) at stake within the pNetwork DAO (they will be time locked for 7 days!), via the Steroids app

When you click on the link here, please click on the “Stake” button, then you can press the “MAX” button to put at stake your entire Uniswap LP stake

3.) That’s it! You have now received daoPNT tokens.
Vote with your daoPNT within the DAO to be eligible for the 42% APR DAO rewards.

4.) Receive your Steroids rewards (in unlocked PNT!) when you unstake

Steroids is a pNetwork DAO App nestled in the Aragon platform that lets you join the pNetwork DAO via your Uniswap LP tokens rather than with PNT directly.

The longer you have staked Uni-v2 for, the higher the reward (1% if you unstake after 1 week, 3% after 2 weeks, 6% after 3 weeks, 10% after 4 weeks). The programme for this particular asset ends on September 10th.