Sovryn Bitcoin DeFi

Sovryn is a DEX running on Bitcoin (RSK sidechain). Project launched on April 12, 2021. Currently TVL is just around $50M. Daily volume runs between $5-10M. Several audits were completed prior to launch and new audits are being performed as features are released. Some of the founders are not anonymous, and some are anonymous. Features include:

AMM Trading (Spot, Swap)
Lending, Borrowing, Margin Trading, Market Making
A Bridge to deposit Ethereum onto Bitcoin with more bridges coming
An Origins Platform for launching new projects (Two stable coin projects are in the pipeline)

There’s also a protocol governance token called $SOV. Current price for $SOV (which is currently only available to buy at is around $20 USD). More about the tokenomics can be found here:

To get started:
Click on Engage Wallet (You can use a Trezor / Ledger directly, or a web3 wallet like Metamask)
Click FastBTC to deposit Bitcoin or Deposit to deposit ETH.