Seedbeds community currency platform is alive

Hi hi AlphaDeFi community - I want to invite you to check our perspective of DeFi…
We launched our product at Seedbed - a community token platform.
We are live article -

Generally speaking.

  1. Create a token (reserve based)
  2. The token start 100% backed - Dai as a reserve currency
  3. every week X tokens are minted to the admins wallet (X is controlled by the admin)
  4. use the new minted tokens to incentives your community to act!

Happy to answer any question, join us at Seedbed if you’re interested…(:

Thrive on! :_)

When did this project begin?

how’s it different from roll?

We started planning it around 8 months ago, and now we became live.


Our difference from Roll in on the token model
Our token model is:

  1. Dynamic supply
  2. Dynamic reserve ratio
  3. Integral liquidity to the model