Pollen: DeFi DAO

Pollen is a fully decentralized, DAO governed asset pool and liquidity provider aimed at providing a range of services to the DeFi ecosystem.

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That’s interesting thanks! Can you outline how it’s different from DxDAO or PieDAO?

Great question! Pollen has a completely different model and project goals than the aforementioned.

Pollen is a fully decentralized DeFi 2.0 platform. Assets are used to create an uncorrelated asset which is specifically designed for use within the DeFi ecosystem.

Pollen identifies the best governance decision makers based on voting history and adds them to a Collective Delegation group. This Collective Delegation model not only improves governance decision making and subsequent rewards/yield, it also reduces transaction costs and friction.

This makes delegating governance decisions easy and makes sure the right people are making the majority of invest/divest decisions.

Our governance asset is safer, more sustainable and provides higher yields than yield farming. The $PLN token is uncorrelated and non-volitile; a new DeFi primitive on which to build.

Pollen Alpha is launching, register here: https://twitter.com/PollenDeFi/status/1314990224062263297

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Just a quick update that Pollen Alpha has arrived: http://alpha.pollen.id/

Pollen will be launching an open community Beta shortly which will be a precursor to the main net release.