Pollen DeFi DAO Platform and Asset Pool

Pollen is a DeFi DAO Platform with a mission to decentralize asset management and to create more accessible ways to access the DeFi ecosystem, creating the less volatile, DeFi native PLN asset in the process.

Not only does Pollen provide the world’s first fully decentralized index with both governance and asset fulfillment being fully decentralized. It is also a DAO platform that will allow others to curate their own indexes which can range from NFTs to Stocks.

Pollen has unprecedented user friendliness, despite a sophisticated reputation based governance model and reward system.

Pollen’s Community Release launches to production in mid-February and is available initially to members of our discord channel.

Pollen’s Ropsten release can be found here: https://alpha.pollen.id/ and discord channel here: https://pollen.id/#discord