PNK Rewards with Omen Conditional Markets

Greetings y’all!

Kleros has recently launched a bounty reward program incentivizing market creation and liquidity providers for DXdao’s Omen platform.

The reward structure and payment possibilities are:

  • Market creators using Kleros as final arbitrator will be eligible for a part of 1,000,000 PNK over a 3 month market creation timeline starting from 29/07/2020 and ending on 29/10/2020 .

  • Users should create a market and add liquidity to the market in order to be eligilbe.

  • In each of those months, 300,000 PNK will be split between market creators in proportion to the liquidity of their markets*.

  • The market can be created using any of the tokens available on Omen (DAI, cDAI, USDC, OWL, CHAI, GNO, USDT, sUSD or WETH) as collateral.

Note that this reward is given in addition to the 2% liquidity fee going to liquidity providers.

*The rewards are in proportion to the amount of liquidity (pool tokens * collateral price in USD) and of the time this liquidity stayed in the market during the month (1000$ of liquidity during 2 weeks would yield the same reward as 500$ of liquidity during 1 month). Trivial markets such as “Is the sky blue?” or markets whose resolution does not present a significant uncertainty will be excluded. Duplicate markets (markets which are similar or almost similar to already existing markets) will not be taken into account even if the currency used by the duplicate market is different from the original one.

On top of that, the dxDAO will vote to reward 100,000 PNK to the creator of the market it considers to be the most impactful throughout the reward period. This vote will be conducted under a dxDAO proposal voted on by the DAO members.

For more details on how to get involved, check out:

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Here is a calculator for farming on Omen.

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