Participate in the $PLR Liquidity Mining Program

Since July 10, 2020, we’ve been running the PLR Liquidity Mining Program as part of a larger initiative to decentralize governance of the Pillar Smart Wallet.

For the current phase, 350k PLR rewards have been made available. These rewards will be split 75/25 between the PLR-ETH and PLR-DAI pool. Liquidity providers will receive a share of rewards on a pro-rata basis.

This phase ends on September 30, but we expect the program to continue for far longer than that.

What is Pillar?

Pillar is the first community-owned smart wallet. That means PLR token holders will dictate new wallet integrations, updates, and modifications. Community-ownership also means token holders will directly benefit from wallet adoption: All fees earned by the Pillar Wallet will be distributed to and managed by the community DAO.

Participating in the liquidity mining program means you’re earning governance weight in the DAO, in the form of PLR rewards. We’re currently in the final stages of formulating the governance and tokenomics mechanisms of the DAO, and votes are already happening in our Governors’ House - a token-permissioned chat in our Discord.

How it works

To participate and earn PLR rewards, follow these steps:

  1. Provide liquidity to the PLR-ETH or PLR-DAI pool on Uniswap V2.
  2. Stake the LP tokens you receive for adding liquidity on the Pillar Rewards Dashboard.
  3. Claim your rewards when the liquidity mining period ends.

That’s all! If you have any questions or thoughts on our Liquidity Mining program, be sure to check out our Discord - our community is discussing all this and more there!

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