Opuim Exchange - decentralized derivatives: from Gas Price Options to ZEPO on BAL and COMP tokens

Opium Exchange is a non-custodial platform for decentralized derivatives where everyone can trade, hedge, or invest without intermediaries. Exchange is an excess point to Opium Protocol that handles open orders, creation, settlement, secondary market, and execution of derivatives. All derivatives are guaranteed by collateral — an initial margin that is locked in the form of stable coins on Ethereum blockchain.

Opium protocol is a universal protocol, to create, settle, and trade any derivative. It enables any oracle solution for an underlying asset: on-chain or off-chain manual input oracles. On Opium protocol, every derivative is represented by a token that can be traded in a trustless and decentralized way.

Site: https://opium.netwotk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Opium_Network
Docs: https://docs.opium.exchange

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Pre-markets for DeFi governance tokens: