Make Yield Farming Great Again!

Hi everybody!

My name is Ronald and I am representing YFarmer project.

YFarmer is the automated yield farming algorithm which optimizes yield returns with a single click. YFarmer enables all crypto investors, not only whales, to benefit from the best and the latest yield farming strategies, and will open the yield farming to the crypto masses. The main idea of this project is to unlock the yield farming for a global crypto community worldwide and multiply the liquidity of the all defi protocols. We help to automate yield farming, and make it simple for anybody.

We are truly believe in the decentralised eco-system, and that all people should be able to join the global decentralised network, which is going to change the world for a better.

You can check our website

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Let’s discuss the future on the yield farming in this group :slight_smile:


nice, how many farming strategies do you have already?

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The strategies will be forever dynamic, there are no specific strategies.
Our robo-advisor will get in and out different pools based on the risk level the user selects.
For example - users who choose to be at very high risk levels would have their investments put into new, unaudited coins, where the risk is much higher, but usually the return is higher as well.

Thanks for sharing Ronald!


Feel free to join Telegram and Discord channels to discuss this project with the team. They have more exciting announcements on the way.

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I will give it a look!


Yfarmer brings great news. Public token sale is on the way. Here is the details:

  1. The public sale takes place next Thursday, 3rd of December, 2PM UTC.
  1. The public sale will run for 48 hours.
  2. Our token will be listed on Uniswap, rigth after the sale is finished.
  3. The YFarmer project will be audited this week by Zokyo to be in accordance with all safety standarts.

Hop on and become a part of YFarmer ecosystem!

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This is cool. Who would you say your competitors are?

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