Lien AMA

Lien Finance mission is to creating options and stablecoins out of ETH. What is the extent to which you believe you have reached this going and what is the next leap?

How Lien FairSwap revolutanalise crypto trading?
What the X factor Lien FairSwap trade having which make it first choice?

A large amount of investors prefer to use centralized exchanges to trade now. Lien FairSwap is a DEX and how can you guys do the promotion about the Lien FairSwap?

Can Lien Finance meet all the features & needs of the financial ecosystem? Can it offer Speed, Security, strong infrastructure, innovative ecosystem, stable use & traditional bank solutions together?

The ETH blockchain is very slow and transaction fees are very expensive now, so why did you build Lien protocol on the ETH blockchain?

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With the interest in US Dollar backed stablecoins rising, where do you see iDOL having the biggest potential With backed by ETH derivatives?

Is the current stablecoin market saturated? In a market with so many different alternatives, how can iDOL stand out and compete with USDT?

Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold Lien Token in long term?

As A community Member, How can I help in Project’s Growth? What role does community can play in Lien Finance ecosystem?

Is Lien protocol only Focusing & limited to Ethereum Blockchain or you have plans for providing scalability to other Blockchains too?

What advantages does Lien FairSwap have in terms of liquidity and transaction fees?

Which target users does Lien Finance aim to serve? Will its technology be easy for new participants to use but still ensure an open, transparent and equal way?

What is the security mechanism of Lien FairSwap to ensure user assets do not become the target of hackers?

Can you tell us which are the priority products Lien Finance are developing and what are the difficulties during that product development?

Lien means right to possession of the property of person who have debt but what does it means in case of lien protocol other than being paid as fees ?

Why did team choose to be anonymous other than being community driven project if people are less likely to trust anything anonymous ?

Hi there, Lien let us chance creating options and stablecoins out of ETH. Regarding unexpected gas fee changes in ETH, how would we replace or re-evaluate Lien protocol for us?

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