Learning DeFi from bottom up

Which sites / people / blogs should I follow in order to learn everything about DeFi from the start?

In order to follow the evolution, what are the best sites/blogs/people to follow?

Thanks in advance.


Shameless plug :smiley:
defiprime blog: https://defiprime.com/blog
Twitter: https://twitter.com/defiprime
Telegram channel: https://t.me/defiprime

Also good sources of knowledge:

Defiant Newsletter by Camila Russo

Bankless by Ryan Sean Adams

Chris Blec youtube channel

Interaxis youtube channel

DeFi Dad youtube channel

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reading about Defi Primitives is good for the start understanding Defi

  1. Lending protocols
  1. AMM trading pools
  1. Order book exchanges
  1. Derivatives networks
  1. Asset management platforms

This playlist is also pretty good and coves basic things

A good starting point for beginners

Defi dad, is one the best for beginners