Introducing youves

youves is a decentralized, self-governing, and non-custodial platform for the creation and management of synthetic assets that are secured by eligible collateral. The platform and its smart contracts are built on the Tezos blockchain.

For example, users can become minters by posting and locking eligible collateral in a vault and creating synthetic assets. The first type of synthetic asset are youves tracker tokens.

The youves tracker tokens can be sold or transferred to other parties. Minters will have the possibility to leverage their cryptocurrency exposure as they can sell their youves tracker tokens against such cryptocurrency which increases their exposure to the applicable cryptocurrency price. Holders of the youves tracker tokens can diversify their volatile cryptocurrency asset exposure without having to access the fiat currency world.

Synthetic asset holders can earn a passive income. The newly created synthetic asset represents a transparent and new asset on the blockchain.

The self-governing aspect is initially managed by means of a multi-sig process, but it will soon be managed by means of a governance token, the YOU token.

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