Introducing Unipilot - Uniswap V3 on Autopilot!

Uniswap V3 allows users to concentrate liquidity. Liquidity concentration gives Liquidity Providers (LPs) the ability to concentrate their capital within custom price ranges, providing greater amounts of liquidity at desired prices. By concentrating liquidity, LPs can provide the same liquidity depth as previous liquidity pools within specified price ranges while putting far less capital at risk.

The challenge with concentrated liquidity, however, is keeping it ”in-range” so that it earns consistent fees. The Pilot protocol’s goal is to allow efficient allocation of capital to Uniswap v3 liquidity pools, as well as similar pools that may appear on other Automated Liquidity Providers (AMMs).

Unipilot launched on Ethereum Mainnet on 19th November, 2021 and has managed to lock in $4 Million in Total Value Locked (TVL) in the protocol as of writing this. Unipilot is also offering up to 3 digit APRs on select pairs through yield farming.

You can join our community to ask any further questions or learn more about us:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @unipilot_io