Introducing BloodySwap Finance

Our team has been a part of the Polygon farming scene for quite some time.

We’ve been through all the highs and lows just like every one of you.

We understand the triumph you feel when you find a good farm and the dejection of a rugpull.

This farm is a collection of our team’s view on what we think are the elements of a successful farm model.

For this purpose, we decided on a low emission rate (0.005/block), low supply (1’000), layered farming approach to our platform and a dynamic usage of the deposit fees:

30% of the fees will be used as how our community sees fit. This will include dividend rounds, with Telegram polls running to decide the pools, and any other innovative ways to adapt to the market situation of BloodySwap;

70% will be used to fund our marketing campaigns, infrastructure and team salary.

We believe this model will help end users earn maximum yields over an extended period of time.


LINKS :link:

:airplane: Telegram

:globe_with_meridians: Website


CONTRACTS :page_facing_up:

:drop_of_blood: Blood Token - 0x7a2EfB71a36B387e35e2Cc683435727E35C1e978

:man_cook:t2: MasterChef - 0xb0faE26e5C3282A5c919bBA32d168aAcD83B8194

:timer_clock: Timelock - 0xA8468eE53e49223993b676c319996109b122fb98

:drop_of_blood::arrow_right::man_cook:t2: Blood Token ownership to Masterchef - 0x5abb98217591b2a78b071dc614b1fc659784c1a984760008c23b1f3c238dffff

:man_cook:t2::arrow_right::timer_clock: MasterChef ownership to Timelock - 0x4bbcd64db37613571e8d447d35690158e353b506f2102f800c2b272f9280e3b4