Indexed.Finance - Hold DeFI Index Tokens and Earn $NDX Governance Tokens (~300-400% APY)

Indexed Finance is a DeFi protocol focused on passive portfolio management, allowing users to buy index tokens (DeFi5 and CC10) which represent an underlying basket of tokens. You can then stake Index tokens to earn $NDX, a governance token.

Investment announcement from M&A a DeFi fund by Molly Wintermute

What makes special?

Unlike other Index projects, the entire re-balancing and re-weighting of the indices happen automatically through on-chain processes - this makes rebalancing more efficient.

In addition, the governance token $NDX gives holders control over the future of the project. Governance has been active since Day 1 with a number of key proposals passed and more at the discussion stages.

The community has grown significantly since inception from a few hundred to over a thousand holders across all tokens.

How to get Index Tokens and stake them for $NDX tokens?

You can acquire DeFi5 or CC10 index tokens from or Uniswap.

Then stake them through the dashboard here:

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments :slight_smile: