Finally, Yield Farming for Bitcoin –

The pNetwork team just launched, one-click farming for PNT.

Through Steroids you can enter the wBTC / pBTC Uniswap pool and earn 100.03% APY (at the time of this writing) in weekly PNT rewards.

Up to 50,000 PNT are reserved for each week of rewards for the duration of 8 weeks.

You only need one token to enter, Steroids automatically splits your deposit equally among the two assets in the pool.

Three ways to provide liquidity and earn rewards:

  • Enter with BTC by minting 1 to 1 pBTC on the pTokens DApp.

  • Enter with pBTC – available on 1inchExchange,, Kyber, Bancor, etc.

  • Enter with wBTC directly on Uniswap, then stake UNIV2 on

More info on our Medium post. Happy Farming!

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