Eclipseum - The Antifragile DeFi Asset

I’m excited to introduce Eclipseum to the Alpha DeFi community. Eclipseum (ECL) is an ERC-20 token designed to be an antifragile, high liquidity, low downside volatility asset that will hopefully prove to be an effective store of value, collateral, and DeFi primitive.

Quick Facts

  1. Eclipseum contract address:
  2. Deployed to Ethereum mainnet on 11/11/2020 at 9:45AM EST
  3. Open source smart contract, code available on Github and Etherscan
  4. Audited by Trail of Bits
  5. No VC investors, no pre-launch token sale. Developed and deployed by a solo developer.
  6. Price downside volatility mitigation game theory
  7. ECL can be bought and sold directly on the ECL liquidity pool in the Eclipseum contract, providing credible neutral token issuance.
  8. Includes a liquidity pool containing DAI and ETH which transfers half of all transaction fees to the ECL pool. Thereby ETH/DAI price volatility generally increases the ECL price.
  9. Elastic supply system that mints or burns ECL from the ECL liquidity pool in response to every ECL trade, reducing price volatility and increasing liquidity.

Quick Links

  2. Introducing Eclipseum

Six Core Value Propositions

1) ETH Price Volatility Value Capture

Eclipseum features a DAI liquidity pool, which contains DAI and ETH. This pool enables users to buy and sell DAI and ETH. As the ETH price changes on external markets, this liquidity pool is traded as profitable arbitrage opportunities emerge. Half of the 0.3% transaction fee on every trade is transferred to the ECL pool in the form of ETH, increasing the price of ECL. Therefore, ETH/DAI price volatility generally increase the ECL Price in ETH.

2) High Liquidity and Trustless ECL Trading

Eclipseum is designed to provide high liquidity to ECL traders through the ECL liquidity pool. The ECL pool contains ECL and ETH and enables users to buy and sell ECL in exchange for ETH directly with the Eclipseum smart contract. The ECL liquidity pool enables ECL price discovery to occur directly on the Eclipseum smart contract. All circulating ECL tokens originate from being bought from the ECL liquidity pool, providing a credibly neutral ECL token issuance mechanism.

3) Elastic Supply System

Eclipseum features an elastic supply system that mints or burns ECL tokens from the ECL pool in response to every ECL trade. When ECL is bought from the ECL pool, ECL is minted into the ECL pool. When ECL is sold to the ECL pool, ECL is burned from the ECL pool. This enables the ECL circulating supply to absorb some of the fluctuations in supply and demand, resulting in a more stable ECL price.

4) Price Downside Volatility Mitigation

Eclipseum contains game theory that is designed to minimize the ECL price downside volatility. This is done by incentivizing ECL buyers to buy ECL after ECL is sold by a different user. This creates a more balanced distribution of buyers and sellers throughout time, and results in less price downside volatility.

5) Decentralization

Eclipseum is entirely decentralized as it does not include any access control privileges or governance, and has fair and credibly neutral token issuance. The deployer of the contract has no special abilities and does not receive any free ECL tokens. All users have equal rights when interacting with the Eclipseum smart contract.

6) Immutability

Eclipseum is entirely immutable as the smart contract functionality cannot be changed once it is deployed. The contract does not include any upgradeability, contract pausing, or emergency stop functionality.


Eclipseum is designed to be an antifragile, credibly neutral, decentralized, immutable, and intrinsically valuable asset to serve the Ethereum, DeFi, and cryptocurrency communities. I encourage you to join the Eclipseum community through the subreddit or discord channel.