DODO AMA with Diane Dai

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We’re excited to announce our next AMA with a discussion with the DODO. We’re joined today by:

  • Diane Dai, co-founder of DODO

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Security & User Interface are the Most Important Aspect that Users see on a platform. How has Dodo Project worked on this? Is Dodo Platform suitable for Newbies in the crypto field?

Regarding the 2 swap curves on either side of the B_0 equilibrium, how does the implementation switch between the curves: the one that is lacking in Q and the one lacking in B?

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Can you still explain the “vested linearly” part, does that mean we receive 0.55% of our rewards daily over a 6 month period?

With regards to 2020’s pandemic impacts, the global economy has declined as a result of business halt. What is your general view towards China’s current economy and financial market? What are your expectations on China’s financial market?

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Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to DODO Token — and if so, how? What are the actions to increase awareness around DODO token in non-crypto space?

It’s easy to make a token but it’s really hard to make this token valuable? So what’s your startegy to make $DODO token more valuable and what’s your plan to maintain token price ?

As the community driven project, what is your strategy for building a strong community? And what services do you provide to the community?

How will you provide solutions for depositing liquidity into DODO? Can you explain how DODO works ?

You recently entered into a partnership with Bitpie Wallet! What benefit are your companies getting from these partnerships and what joint projects are you going to work on? Will this partnership give rise to growth and success?

Will early LP’s be compensated beyond the current reward rate for the fact that you are suffering IL losses, despite communication to the contrary?

Protecting users/member data and privacy has become a problem that many companies/projects must face in their development.
So can you explain a bit about DODO Security?

What’s holding Dodo back today and can these barriers be overcome? Where do you see the future of Dodo in 20 years from now?

Why should I use DODO if I can easily make my transactions with uniswap and avoid the 2.5% commission? What advantage does DODO offer me that I cannot get with Uniswap Liquidity Pool?

I read a lot about Dodo, all are positive and good. But my question is what is behind Dodo that maintains its accuracy and ensures the whole system is working as per requirement? Is there any centralized server to check whether everything is working fine?

Adoption is a headache challenge for every blockchain projects, especially at this sensitive period of the whole market when many blockchain projects were dead since no-one uses their blockchain. What are your team’s strategies and visions on this problem to onboard more users for DODO platform?

Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and most projects are competing campaigns here to entice users and grow, with Dodo you see how Southeast Asia is and do you plan to develop & expanding here?

What makes Dodo the most unique, especially now that On-Chain Liquidity project is a lot of popping up, and how this unique proposition can become the dominating force for you guys in this field?

What feature that make Dodo Faster , secure and scalable than other blockchain platform ? What are the feature that Dodo provide to their user ?

The two biggest dilemma in crypto is Liquidity issue and volatility issue. What steps DODO is taking to tackle these two dilemma?