DFIP – DeFi Insurance Protocol

The Next Generation DeFi Insurance Protocol on Ethereum

DFIP is a solution for decentralized insurance products, with scales and tools required to provide safety, trust and liquidity and bring about positive global change.

Our mission is to make insurance market faster, more transparent and fair.

DeFi Insurance Protocol uses the power of Ethereum so people can share risks together without the need for an insurance company.


In a nutshell, how’s it different from Nexus Mutual?


DFIP allows you to insure not only smart contract failure risk, but real world insurance cases.

Our main insurance product – Travel Insurance for luggage

One of our partner products – AtromG8 based student insurance against firing from university.

The Learn More and Start a Journey links don’t work – nothing happens when you click them. I also can’t access the Medium by clicking the Medium Blog link.

Do you have any documentation on what the claim process looks like in laymen terms? The whitepaper is also very light on this topic and, for me, is one of the major downsides for dealing with traditional insurance companies.

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