Deflationary Yield Farming - Dracula Protocol šŸ§›

Hey Everyone! Iā€™m Farmer Brown and I wanted to spread the word about Dracula Protocol (

TL;DR - Dracula Protocol allows you to stake your LP through their platform, which auto-harvests underlying yields (SUSHI, PICKLE, VALUE, etc.), sells them for ETH, and uses that ETH to purchase deflationary DRC to reward LPs. Pretty much exchanges inflationary yield farming rewards for the deflationary DRC token, which can be thought of as a consolidated version of the underlying platforms.

You can also stake your DRC to earn DRC, or ETH. Another interesting mechanism is that the more TVL locked in Dracula, the more the DRC will appreciate in value due to the underlying buy pressure. So instead of trying to protect yields by keeping pools a secret, the more people staking through Dracula, the better!

Check out pools at ! Hint: connect your wallet to see APRs and TVL.