DAO Reviews - Decentralized Peer Reviews

DAO Reviews is a place to ask and offer peer reviews. DAO Reviews is focused on security problems of projects but also there are discussed others.

Looking for security peer reviews sometime could be hard and currently most of the auditors are full. This project is a space where you can ask 14 for peer reviews and you can offer 10 your expertise reviewing others code.

The goal of the project is not to replace traditional security reviews, instead this initiative aims to support the ecosystem trying to fill the shortage of peer review offering.

There are two main categories of topics: Ask and Offers. You can add a topic which describes your project and needs to request peer reviews at the Ask, for example. Or, if you are a peer, you can post a topic at the Offers and tell about your skills and interests and note the desired rewards.

website: https://forum.dao.reviews/
twitter: https://twitter.com/reviewsdao
telegram: t.me/reviewsdao