Best DEFI project to invest crypto in?

Hello everyone!
What’s in your opinion are the best DEFI projects to invest crypto in and get the hight returns?

Best projects not always equal to high returns. Rule of the thumb is the higher APR the higher risk.

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I’ve been looking around as most and being with gas, as most lol I have been waiting for and was most well timed Loopring for eg. For now I’m not chasing APR as much as sustainability and longevity and cost reduction. But, in saying that regardless and either way the gas cost is still an issue at the onset of supplying deposits or liquidity. I still want to be at least implemented so I can add to liquidity or try another pool. You had any luck alan?

If you are just referring to rates that can change very quickly. Also, it’s possible to make astronomical gains using the degen food themed protocols such as Hot-dog or Sushi, but you are just as likely to 1000x as you are to lose it all, have the rug pulled on you or lose it all through hacks, as they are usually smart-contracts thrown together quite literally overnight But for long-term projects, I would say my own project FXF(shameless shill but still true), BZX Protocol, Uniswap is looking like it could be around for quite a while.Maker has a really solid foundation to be a long term player. But the best strategy is going to be using multiple protocols, that’s how the professional traders are reaping such benefits. With Finxflo you get the ability to utilize multiple pre-vetted Defi protocols plus you have the peace of mind that we are a fully licensed financial services institution registered in Singapore, and your assets are insured up to 150 million USD.