Automated Yield Farming with SushiFarm

Sushi Farm is yVault implementation for $SUSHI. What this contract does is that it farms SUSHI with SUSHI/ETH pair, and in every hour. anyone can harvest SUSHI and then sell half to ether then provide liquidity again.

This contract is suitable for small farmer to group together and farm together, in order to save gas cost.

Contract Address:

Source Code:

What this contract does:

  • Deposit SUSHI and mint gSUSHI
  • The contract will swap half of your SUSHI to Ether and create Liquidity Pool with SUSHI/ETH pair
  • Then deposit to Masterchef contract and farm SUSHI
  • Every hour, anyone can call harvest() in order to harvest SUSHI, and half of the harvested SUSHI will be swapped into Ether and then provide liquidity and deposit to Masterchef again. The contract caller will be rewarded with 0.05% of the harvest.
  • During Withdrawal, you burned your gSUSHI in order to get SUSHI.


  • This method of Sushi farm incentives the caller of harvest() function to be awarded with 0.05% of the Sushi crops, so you will lose 0.05% of earning compare of doing it by yourself.
  • During withdrawal, it’s better to do it after someone harvested it, or else you will lose your harvest from previous harvest time
  • Withdrawal gas cost will be higher than the original contract, not suitable for short term farming for small farmer
  • Contract are unaudited, proceed with care

How to farm $SUSHI with Sushi Farm?

Here goes the detailed tutorial.

  1. Acquire $SUSHI through liquidity mining (tutorial: Yield Farming with Sushi) or buy in through Uniswap.
  2. Go to and connect your metamask wallet.
  3. You will see a dashboard of all available feature for deposit and withdraw $SUSHI
  4. Click on Max and Deposit your $SUSHI.

Once transaction is done, you will received gSUSHI, which is a representation of the token being use in this SushiFarm.

Closing thoughts

Similar to yVault, this contract are suitable for small farmer you can save gas fee on harvest and automatically readd the yield to the farm, there gonna be a compounding effect every hour!

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