Atomica Liquidation Markets - Earn from collateral liquidations in DeFi protocols

Atomica Liquidation Markets are non-custodial liquidity pools that programmatically perform collateral liquidations in the DeFi protocols. These pools allow profiting from both market growth and decline, especially in periods of high volatility and price drops, while earning yield from money markets and lending protocols during low volatility. The system acts as a backstop mechanism to prevent from near-zero collateral liquidations by bidding at healthy rates during market distress.

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How it works:

:small_blue_diamond: You supply DAI to a non-custodial liquidity pool while receiving back pool tokens representing your pool share

:small_blue_diamond: A keeper bot, which is based on a set of smart contracts, programmatically allocates funds directly to liquidation contracts according to a bidding strategy managed by Atomica DAO

:small_blue_diamond: If liquidation is successful, collateral is sold at the decentralized exchange, and funds are returned to the pool immediately.

:small_blue_diamond: You can withdraw your DAI at any moment (a delay is possible due to active auctions).

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Atomica Liquidation Markets is an infrastructure that provides an ability to launch your own liquidation market with your propitiatory bidding strategy and software, like social trading, but for collateral liquidation. Are you interested? Contact us:

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