Atomex - cross-chain atomic swap exchange

Atomex is a hybrid exchange combines advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges:

  1. Private keys are kept encrypted on your computer. Cross-chain transactions are carried out using Atomic Swaps.
  2. Only miners’ fees in two blockchains that participate in the exchange.
  3. It’s 100% anonymously! No registration or identity verification required.
  4. Your counterparty is not only an ordinary user but a professional market maker whose task is to ensure sufficient liquidity. Despite this, the execution is fully decentralized.

What’s Atomic Swap?

Atomic swap is a technology for anonymous and secure exchange of cryptocurrencies without the need to trust a third party. It’s as secure as cryptographic primitives and blockchain implementation it’s based on. It’s mathematically proved that in every scenario you either succeed with an exchange or get your money back. Atomex uses an on-chain implementation based on hashed timelock smart-contracts. Read an explanatory article on Atomic swap with Ethereum and Tezos on practice or watch the video:

How long does an atomic swap take?

Depending on the chosen pair of cryptocurrencies, the exchange may take from several minutes to half an hour. The maximum time is 6 hours, after which the funds are returned.

How are private keys stored?

Your private keys are stored ONLY on your device, encrypted using AES-256. You have to unlock your wallet with the encryption password on every start

What coins can I exchange?

Atomex supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tezos, USDT (erc20 token), tzBTC (Tezos token).

Atomex on Defiprime
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