Anyswap AMA with Dejun Qian

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We’re excited to announce our next AMA with a discussion with the Anyswap. We’re joined today by:

  • Dejun Qian the co-founder of Anyswap, Founder and CEO of Fusion

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How do you appreciate the AnySwap community and user, is there any awarded program for liquidity provider on AnySwap?

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As you are the co-founder of Anyswap and CEO of Fusion, are Fusion and Anyswap has relatable function on both ecosystem? Please tell us the role of both project!

Can you tell us what is the advantages of Anyswap that other popular DEX (ex.Uniswap) didn’t have?

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will the any platform provide advanced tools in the future for traders like a time/price display and various indicators like the moving average, bollinger bands or macd?

AnySwap has already integrated ETH into its exchange. What is the hold up with integrating al of the other Erc20 tokens? Uniswap allows trading of all Erc20 tokens and I would assume that AnySwap wants to do the same. So what is the hold up? What is preventing AnySwap from launching Erc20 tokens and stealing some market share away from Uniswap as AnySwap fees are much lower.

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Hi, Congratulations on the cross-chain swap, you are doing great.
My name is Edward.
Could you please point what is the best advantage when building on Fusion blockchain?

Thank you!

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I have question: How does AnySwap help to improve Fusion’s ecosystem ?
One more things, Why you list UNI, to attract more users ?

What´s your outlook on the future of cryptocurrencies? What can we do to keep increasing adoption? How can FUSION help to achieve it ?

How are you going to incentivize users required to share computing power and how are you planning to onboard these users?

“For Anyswap” - Community is the key to the success of projects, so besides organizing AMAs, what strategy does Anyswap have to reach out and exploit new investors?

is compatible with BTC & ETH Blockchain while both are ANYSWAP competitors, Why do you choose to make both compatible with ANY? And what advantage you using hybrid blockchain?

DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, has become a hot topic in the every crypto industry
What does ANY think about defi??

How a general crypto user will get benefits from ANY??

Which are criterias to listing tokens on the AnySwap? And which are criterias for support DeFi on the exchange?
How will AnySwap want to dominate DeFi market?

new into defi project but really eager to follow up anyswap project,wanna know how unique they’re and how they gon dominate the market… Well ama big fan now

Why you choose Binance Smart Chain?

What is the $ANY token used for? What gives it value? Why is it necessary and why should one invest in it?

In Anyswap project, Whats the average settlement cost is required for each trades Including Blockchain transaction fees ?

I read the yellow paper and have a few questions regarding DCRM.
It says that DCRM nodes will be randomly selected (I assume out of the network validators). Is this still the plan for mainnet integration of DCRM?

The staked funds can serve as an incentive for a DCRM node not to misbehave?