🐙[ANN] [OCTO] OctoFi - decentralized finance (oracles) tentacles

OctoFi is a next generation open source platform providing decentralized finance (oracles) tentacles. We believe that the term ‘oracle’ itself implies unreasonable dependence on a single source of truth. In most cases, an oracle is viewed as singular, and while we appreciate their importance, we foresee the existence of many, all of which are auditable against one another.

1. Octoken - where it all begins
OctoFi infrastructure is designed for frictionless oversight by incentivised stakeholders who share in its best interests. Data sourcing, provisioning, verification, quality assurance, storage, and consumption, all utilise the such tokenomics for effective governance.

OCTO governance tokens are essential to:

  • Participating in voting to settle governance decisions
  • Remuneration for sourcing and provisioning data collection
  • Verifying data tentacles and support systems with staking
  • Funding development resources and platform support
  • Gaining access to live data feeds and API marketplace

2. Aquafarm - Profit squeezing tentacles for octomized lending yields on Ethereum
Why limit your yield farming to the land when the earth’s surface is 70% water? Use earn.octo.fi to wrap your tentacles around a sea of gains.


  1. Compound
  2. yearn
  3. Aave
  4. Curve
  5. UniSwap

3. Tentacles - Pricing oracle aggregator for octomated interchain lending

Site: https://octo.fi/

I’d be happy to discuss any questions :nerd_face: