2million $ADX Farm for LPs of ADX/ETH, ADX/yUSD, ETH/UNI, ETH/YFI, ETH/BAL

The program starts at around 16:40:00 UTC on Friday, Nov 20, 2020 (Ethereum block 11296000) and will last approximately for 30 days until Sunday, December 20, 2020.

The main incentivized pools are:

  • ADX/yUSD on Balancer, which will receive 1,500,000 ADX; and
  • ADX/ETH on Uniswap, which will receive 500,000 ADX.

In order to increase the awareness of AdEx within the various other communities, we’re allocating a small portion of the LP rewards to pairs that do not include ADX. Each of these pools will be allocated a total of 250k ADX over 20 days.

The list of pairs is as follows:

  • ETH/BAL on Balancer
  • ETH/YFI on Uniswap
  • ETH/UNI on Uniswap
  • ETH/LINK on Uniswap

What’s the APY

At this point, it is too early to project the APY of this farm, because we don’t know the amount of liquidity that will be staked yet.

To calculate the APY, you have to consider the rewards allocated to a specific pool, time period, and the current value of all LP tokens deposited into the pool. For example, if there’s a total of $200k worth of LP tokens in the pool, 1.5 million ADX over 30 days rewarded for ADX/yUSD, and one ADX costs $0.25, then the APY is (1500000/30*365 * 0.25)/200000 = 2281.25%

Because farming only goes on for 30 days, it’s better to calculate the reward for the farming period itself: (1500000 * 0.25)/200000 = 187.5%.