1inch AMA with Founders

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We’re excited to announce our next AMA with a discussion with the 1inch founders. We’re joined today by:

  • Sergej Kunz, Co-Founder and CEO of 1inch
  • Anton Bukov, Co-Founder and CTO of 1inch

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Hi, my question ist: will 1inch work wich another blackchain as Tron, Stellar, Polkadot?

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Describe the future of crypto, when will it totally gobble the world?)

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Could there be any feasible way to avoid front- running attacks in case of oracle’s while implementing them to feed price for AMM ?

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Do you have any plans to introduce use of Chi token beyond 1inch and curve like Gastoken ?

We’re seeing lots of development and increasing volumes on decentralized exhanges.
User experience wise though, in terms of fees, transaction speed etc., DEXs still lag behind CEXs.
In order to make DEXs a way better experience for users than CEXs,
What are the various technical challenges that need to be addressed and what work is ongoing in this direction?

What would be the use, purpose and value of Chi token if “storage refund” function is nullified in future on Ethereum or once Ethereum would scale ?

Thanks, Anton and Sergej again for joining us today! You can view live stream replay here :arrow_heading_down:

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